GEOLOCGeographical Location
GEOLOCGeolocation Code
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The MCAT should print out a container inventory listing for each GEOLOC to be visited, giving particular attention to carrier-owned containers and unknown-owner containers.
* The CCO is assigned responsibility for one or more geographic locations (GEOLOCs).
Yard managers provide monthly container inventory information for bases without GEOLOCs to the CCOs located at hub bases.
The country container authority is responsible for creating and closing GEOLOCs and providing supervision and guidance for reducing detention fees.
The assessments include physical inventories of containers located at the various bases and GEOLOCs.
These four databases--GSORTS and the GEOLOC, TUCHA, and TUDET files--are integral parts of the JOPES TPFDD database, which is used to plan and execute the movement of forces.
Movement locations are entered into the JOPES database using GEOLOC codes.
A maximum of two of these codes per GEOLOC can be entered into the JOPES database.