GEOLOCGeographical Location
GEOLOCGeolocation Code
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Containers that are already created in IBS--CMM but not reflected in the correct GEOLOC need to be in-gated to the correct GEOLOC inventory record.
Containers that have moved out of the GEOLOC will need to be out-gated.
The MCAT will also need to request temporary GEOLOC access for each base from the Kuwait container management element or the 1st Theater Sustainment Command.
The MCAT should print out a container inventory listing for each GEOLOC to be visited, giving particular attention to carrier-owned containers and unknown-owner containers.
The assessments include physical inventories of containers located at the various bases and GEOLOCs.
Movement locations are entered into the JOPES database using GEOLOC codes.
A maximum of two of these codes per GEOLOC can be entered into the JOPES database.