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GEOSGeosynchronous Earth Orbit Satellite
GEOSGeoworks Operating System
GEOSGraphic Environment Operating System
GEOSGlobal Earth Observing System
GEOSGlobal Episode Opinion Survey
GEOSGlobal Educational Opportunities and Services
GEOSGeodynamics Experimental Ocean Satellite
GEOSGlobal Entity Online System (Software Daten Service, Vienna, Austria)
GEOSGeodynamic Experimental Ocean Satellite
GEOSGeodetic Earth Observation Satellite
GEOSGeodesic Earth Orbiting Satellite
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We found a suitable one at Leicester and, under the then promising amateur Mr M Foley, claim seven, Geos won easily at 6-1.
The new law also exempts a wide range of GEOs from assessment and monitoring.
In response to GEO's interest in data that enables ecosystem management, Esri also partnered with the US Geological Survey on an initiative to devise ecosystem mapping methods.
GEO satellite is an earth orbiting satellite that is used to move a satellite from low earth orbit to the geostationary orbit of the earth.
The addition of GEO to XYO Network's portfolio continues a larger commitment to facilitating an open ecosystem of GEOspatial blockchain applications.
It is expected that the WAAS GEO 6 payload will be launched in the second quarter of 2017.
Space Industry Insurance Premiums for Commercial GEO Satellites (1980 to April 2002)
On Wednesday, Snapchat introduced its newest geography-based feature 6 Geo Stickers.