GEOSSGlobal Earth Observation System of Systems (EPA)
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Note: The figures were created using a data set from a contribution to GEOSS Data-Core (GEOSS Data Collection of Open Resources for Everyone), as a result of the GEOWOW (GEOSS interoperability for Weather, Ocean and Water) project.
Note that the GEOSS is a portal or gateway for finding relevant geographic data and services rather than a repository of geographic data itself.
The ultimate goal of the Group on Earth Observations (GEO), which coordinates GEOSS, is to benefit the quality of life of people around the world, advancing global sustainability, and preserving the planet.
4) Grupo ad hoc intergovernamental responsavel pela coordenacao dos esforcos para a construcao do GEOSS ate 2015 (CHRISTIAN, 2005; SILVA, 2006).
In February 2005, 60 countries endorsed the GEOSS Implementation Plan.
A proposed global satellite-observation network called GEOSS would help keep tabs on our home planet 24/7.
The linkage to WIS at the metadata level implies that GCW metadata will be included in the GEOSS catalogue, as GEOSS is currently linked at the metadata level to WIS through the WIS Global Information System Centres.
Another highpoint is expected to be the IEEE GEOSS Forum XLIV, which will be held on Monday as a full-day workshop dedicated to enhancing the world's earth observation capabilities in rural areas.
The biodiversity monitoring of GEOSS is also relevant to human health: an estimated 75% of human diseases are zoonotic, having links to either wildlife or domestic animals (Taylor et al.
Strategic dissemination and exploitation is targeted at both European (academia, CAMS, GEOSS, thanks to existing, strategic contacts) and international level (TEMPO and GEMS, in USA and ASIA, who investigate synergy and data exchange).
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