GEOTRANSGeographic Translator
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GeoTrans technology is used on Trelleborg's balloon catheters, bump and tapered tubes.
"With GeoTrans, the inner diameter/outer diameter tube, flat-transition hub and two single-lumen tubes are manufactured in a single and continuous process, eliminating costly secondary assembly time and costs."
Datum Conversion Software: Geographic Translation Version 2.0 (GEOTRANS 2.0) is an easy to use Windows[R] (95 and NT) and UNIX software used to convert local datums to WGS-84 format.
Specialty Silicone's shape-shifting Geotrans (geometric transition) die technology has been used so far only for the company's silicone rubber tubing, but it can be licensed for non-medical thermoplastic applications.
Specialty Silicone calls the process geometric transitional extrusions, or Geotrans and uses it to start and stop lumens without couplings or joints.