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In the first week of the semester, the students took the GEPT speaking test to measure their English proficiency before participating in the study.
(2) -Executor das atividades do projeto, Coordenador do Departamento Cultural do Espaco Ita, Instrutor de Capoeira (Abada Capoeira), estudante de Educacao Fisica, Pesquisador e membro do GEPT, Brasil.
However, in regard to the GEPT in Taiwan, though the junior level of the proficiency test is set in accordance with the proficiency level of junior high school graduates, most of the teachers remark that the basic 2,000 vocabulary announced by the MOE is not enough for students to pass the GEPT, though the content provided on grammar and structure in the textbooks is sufficient.
The GEPT, which was used to assess the English achievement of the participants, was developed by the Language Training and Testing Center (LTTC) and supervised by the Taiwan Ministry of Education.
In 2008, the GEPT was given a positive evaluation, in Language Testing, for test quality, reliability, and validity, as well as for the influence on English learning in Taiwan (Roever & Pan, 2008).
The calculation of the sentence occurrence ratio [r.sub.DM](s) entails considering the length of sentences, the syllables of all vocabulary words constituting the sentence, and the GEPT level.
In the ninth week, the receptive skill component of a mock standardized examination, the General English Proficiency Test (GEPT), was used to collect information about participants' reading and listening proficiency.
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English proficiency was evaluated using the well-known General English Proficiency Test (GEPT), developed and validated by the Language Training and Testing Center in Taiwan.
It also calculates the frequencies of the words in the article and includes these values, along with the vocabulary, into the GEPT vocabulary database.
To assess the level of difficulty of reading materials, Chen & Hsu (2008) referred to Flesch Reading Ease Readability Formula (Flesch, 1948) and the vocabulary classification of the GEPT. The assessment considers the differing judgment of English native speakers and non-English native speakers concerning the level of difficulty of reading materials.