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GERDAGeradrohr Dampferzeuger Anlage (German: Straight Tube Steam Generator)
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His name was Kay, hers was Gerda. In summer, with one jump, they could get to each other; but in winter they were obliged first to go down the long stairs, and then up the long stairs again: and out-of-doors there was quite a snow-storm.
Kay and Gerda looked at the picture-book full of beasts and of birds; and it was then--the clock in the church-tower was just striking five--that Kay said, "Oh!
"What are you doing?" cried the little girl; and as he perceived her fright, he pulled up another rose, got in at the window, and hastened off from dear little Gerda.
Everything that was peculiar and displeasing in them--that Kay knew how to imitate: and at such times all the people said, "The boy is certainly very clever!" But it was the glass he had got in his eye; the glass that was sticking in his heart, which made him tease even little Gerda, whose whole soul was devoted to him.
It was not long after this, that Kay came one day with large gloves on, and his little sledge at his back, and bawled right into Gerda's ears, "I have permission to go out into the square where the others are playing"; and off he was in a moment.
The Snow Queen kissed Kay once more, and then he forgot little Gerda, grandmother, and all whom he had left at his home.
Gerda is poised somewhere in between, alternately insecure and brave, terrible and vulnerable.
"This spectacular production follows the story of Gerda and her quest to find her friend Kay, whom the Snow Queen has placed under an evil spell," we're told.
Gerda Taro: Well, the first poster was 'What Do These Artists Have In Common?' (1985).
Those were the words with which the jury for the Gerda Henkel Foundation explained their decision to award the 2018 Gerda Henkel Prize to Achille Mbembe, an award he will receive on Monday in Dusseldorf.