GERLGeorgia Equine Rescue League, Ltd (Locust Grove, Georgia)
GERLGolgi-Endoplasmic Reticulum-Lysosome
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They kissed on the lips, hugged and as he sat han t the 10millio who w sashaye Staples Angele jumped The hugge gerl rly eet her er.
The noun girl had a variety of forms in ME: gurle, gerl, gerle, girle, gyrle, guirle, gierle, gyrll, garle, as well as dialectal gal and gell, which manifests a high instability of the quality of the medial vowel.
46.66 23,4 + Taxa % Ta Clas Zygnematophyceae Actinotaenium globosum 6.66 29,2 R (Bulnheim) Krug Gerl Closterium sp.
Goodnight and God bless.) - Mum - in - law (Auld Gerl) Annie Oates xxx.