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The hundreds of millions of dead remained unburied and the germs multiplied themselves, and, toward the last, millions died daily of starvation.
"What'll you feel like if the germs kill me then?" demanded Davy.
For nature is of one kindred; and every soul has a seed or germ which may be developed into all knowledge.
We had no germs of religion, no conceptions of an unseen world.
Thus, not only have I the father's spirit in the son to contend against, the germs of his evil tendencies to search out and eradicate, and his corrupting intercourse and example in after-life to counteract, but already he counteracts my arduous labour for the child's advantage, destroys my influence over his tender mind, and robs me of his very love; I had no earthly hope but this, and he seems to take a diabolical delight in tearing it away.
In this sense the Boeotian poetry may be taken to have its germ in maxims similar to our English
A LITTLE reason, to be sure, a germ of wisdom scattered from star to star-- this leaven is mixed in all things: for the sake of folly, wisdom is mixed in all things!
In the heart and soul of every son of woman lies the germ of manhood and honor.
The upshot of all these reasonings was, that his Highness the Prince Stadtholder of Holland would feel infinitely obliged to the magistracy of the Hague if they simplified for him the government of the Seven Provinces by destroying even the least germ of conspiracy against his authority.
He knows that art in all its forms has everything to hope from the new generations whose genius, still in the germ, can be heard gushing forth in our studios.
"Deep in the soul of every man," said Tarzan, "must lurk the germ of righteousness.
And yet the germ he had implanted must be at work; he was confident of that, though he was without confidence as to the result.