GERPGas Engine Rating Pro (software)
GERPGlioblastoma Expressed RING (Really Interesting New Gene) Finger Protein
GERPGlobal Enterprise Resource Planning (various organizations)
GERPGlucan Encapsulated Rnai Particle
GERPGeneral Employee Retraining Program
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A portion of the new data are reported from specimens maintained in the Global Eucnemid Research Project (GERP) at University of Wisconsin-Madison, U.S.A.
Each specimen deposited in the collection of the Global Eucnemid Research Project (GERP) bears a green framed white label, "Collection of the Global Eucnemid Research Project, (Robert L.
Loreto, Campamento San Jacinto, 2[degrees]18.75'S, 75[degrees]51.77'W, 5 July 1993, 175-215 m, Richard Leschen, #33, ex: flight intercept trap" (GERP).
Note: Identification was made possible through comparison of a single specimen against an authoratively identified specimen in GERP provided by Jacques Chassain.
(2) The proposed new method for pulse waveform classification embeds the GTWED kernel in the SVM framework, while the method in [17] incorporates the GERP kernel into the KDF-WKNN classifier.
In our previous work, we proposed another elastic kernel function, the GERP [17], by embedding an elastic metric, that is, ERP distance into a Gaussian function.
As we have employed two distinct kernel functions in the two methods, that is, GTWED and GERP, which are constructed by embedding two similarity measures, TWED and ERP, respectively, we divide the comparison into two parts: similarity measures comparison, that is, TWED versus ERP, and AER comparison, that is, GTWED-SVM versus GERP-KDF.
Acronyms TWED: Time wrap edit distance ERP: Edit distance with real penalty DTW: Dynamic time warping LCSS: Longest common subsequence SVM: Support vector machine GTWED: Gaussian time wrap edit distance kernel GTWED-SVM: Support vector machine with GTWED GERP: Gaussian edit distance with real penalty kernel GERP-SVM: Support vector machine with GERP GDTW: Gaussian dynamic time warping kernel GDTW-SVM: Support vector machine with gdtw KDF-WKNN: Kernel difference-weighted fc-nearest neighbor classifier GERP-KDF: KDF-WKNN with Gaussian edit distance with real penalty kernel 1NN-ED: One nearest neighbor classifier with Euclidean distance 1NN-ERP: One nearest neighbor classifier with ERP 1NN-TWED: One nearest neighbor classifier with TWED.
Besides SinBaD, GERP also tries to overcome the limitation for noncoding mutation prediction.
This process also utilizes comparative genomics to predict deleteriousness, and is used by programs such as phastCons, GERP, and Gumby.