GERTAGeneral Education Requirement Transfer Agreement (North Dakota)
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Mama may say things will go back the way they were, but all Gerta and Fritz want is escape to the west and freedom.
Calmann, Gerta. "The Picture of Nobody: An Iconographical Study." Journal of the Warburg and Courtauld Institutes 23 (1960): 60-104.
The finding supports the claim that climate disruptions caused by the eruptions played a major role in the dinosaurs' extinction, says study coauthor Gerta Keller, a paleontologist at Princeton University.
The latest work builds on the long-time work by co-author Gerta Keller, a Princeton professor of geosciences, to establish the Deccan Traps as a main cause of the K-Pg extinction.
(1) Rowley (1962) coined the term to acknowledge Gerta von Ubisch (1882-1965), a German biologist who did pioneering work on orbicules in the 1920's.
After beating incredible odds to survive the worst horrors of the Holocaust, old schoolfriends Gerta Vrbova and Rudolf Vrba found each other again.
Gerta stood at the kitchen counter, rolling leaves of cabbage around some shredded vegetables.
David Szymin (1911-1956), Gerta Pohorylle (1910-1937), and Endre Friedmann (1913-1954) are better known today under their pseudonyms--Chim, Gerda Taro, and Robert Capa.
She was born in Vienna, Austria the daughter of the late Hans and Gerta Weisse and moved to New York in 1930.