GESISGesellschaft Sozialwissenschaftlicher Infrastruktureinrichtungen eV (German Social Science Infrastructure Services)
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The authors of the present study have obtained the data in Au gust 2010, at their request, through ZACAT (the social data portal of GESIS); the data processing was made using the statistical analysis soft SPSS[c] version 16.
"This book is a must-read for any HR manager or consultant with strategic ambitions," said Ingwer Borg, Director, Center of Survey Design & Methodology at GESIS and professor of Applied Psychological Methods, University of Giessen (Germany).
El objetivo de este estudio es mapear, cuantificar y formular estrategias para el sistema agroindustrial (SAG) de la cana de azucar en Brasil, bajo los lineamientos del Metodo GESis (Planeamiento y Gestion Estrategica de Sistemas Agroindustriales).
The HH survey questionnaire: The cross-sectional data were obtained by using an integrated HH questionnaire that was validated and finalized after incorporating comments and suggestions from a number of experts, notably the Center for Survey Design & Methodology at GESIS (Leibnitz Institute for Social Science, Manheim, Germany), then translated it from English into three Indian languages (Hindi, Marathi and Tamil), and back-translated into English.
(19.) The numbers in Table 3 are adapted from GESIS: Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences's ISSP 1996--"Role of Government III'--ZA No.
Now available from WIELAND ELECTRIC LTD, the gesis AC-SOLAR connection system is said to reduce connection times for photovoltaic panels by up to 90%.
The diagesis (or diegesis, from the Greek dia, through, and gesis,