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The authors of the present study have obtained the data in Au gust 2010, at their request, through ZACAT (the social data portal of GESIS); the data processing was made using the statistical analysis soft SPSS[c] version 16.
"This book is a must-read for any HR manager or consultant with strategic ambitions," said Ingwer Borg, Director, Center of Survey Design & Methodology at GESIS and professor of Applied Psychological Methods, University of Giessen (Germany).
El objetivo de este estudio es mapear, cuantificar y formular estrategias para el sistema agroindustrial (SAG) de la cana de azucar en Brasil, bajo los lineamientos del Metodo GESis (Planeamiento y Gestion Estrategica de Sistemas Agroindustriales).
The HH survey questionnaire: The cross-sectional data were obtained by using an integrated HH questionnaire that was validated and finalized after incorporating comments and suggestions from a number of experts, notably the Center for Survey Design & Methodology at GESIS (Leibnitz Institute for Social Science, Manheim, Germany), then translated it from English into three Indian languages (Hindi, Marathi and Tamil), and back-translated into English.
(19.) The numbers in Table 3 are adapted from GESIS: Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences's ISSP 1996--"Role of Government III'--ZA No.
* A new social science portal called SOWIPORT (, developed at the GESIS Social Science Information Centre (, will help researchers make their publications visible and promote information sharing.
Now available from WIELAND ELECTRIC LTD, the gesis AC-SOLAR connection system is said to reduce connection times for photovoltaic panels by up to 90%.
The diagesis (or diegesis, from the Greek dia, through, and gesis,