GESOGraduate Employees & Students Organization
GESOGambia Education Support Organization (Denmark)
GESOGeneralized Even Shift Orthogonal Sequence
GESOGeneralized Extended State Observer
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El joven que cuando inicio el itinerario tenia el titulo de GESO, es un inmigrante que acudio al centro despues de abandonar un Ciclo Formativo de Grado Medio (CFGM).
Nivel 2: Con titulo de GESO en diversificacion o con asignaturas suspendidas o sin titulo de GESO pero con inicio de dificultades escolares en secundaria.
En otros casos, la decision de abandonar la ESO antes de obtener la titulacion de GESO es tomada por la familia o el centro educativo, de forma mas o menos pactada con el chico o la chica.
El estudio de los procesos de abandono escolar y de retorno a la educacion por medio de las historias de vida de los jovenes que estan cursando la ESPA nos ofrece una vision privilegiada y oportuna de las razones y de los procesos que conducen al abandono escolar antes de obtener el titulo de GESO.
On the other hand, among the few young people who do manage to enter the CFPM despite having failed the GESO, most succeed in passing the degree, and the success rate is not substantially lower than among students who attempt CFPM after passing the GESO on the first attempt.
In fact, it seems to me that GESO is exploiting the energy of the leaders and members of 34 and 35, who have enough to do fighting Yale on their own.
in the country, then Yale's treatment of GESO and Locals 34 and 35.
The locals are pressuring Yale to recognize GESO and the hospital workers.
Frustrated by the measures and the refusal of deans and Yale's president to meet with graduate students, members of TA Solidarity decided to form GESO and begin a drive for union representation for all graduate students.
It was a difficult step," GESO chair Robin Brown explains.
Regarding apathy, many of us found that we simply couldn't get those few senior faculty who were on "our side" to do much, if any, of the nitty-gritty grunt work of organizing, when it came to offering support for GESO and for the other Yale unions that went out on strike during the 1996 spring semester.
And this: "I offered my support for the Yale graduate student union, GESO.