GESPGIG (Global Information Grid) Enterprise Service Profile
GESPGender Equity Support Programme (Sudan)
GESPGender Equity Support Project (Canadian International Development Agency)
GESPGuaranteed Energy Savings Program (Pennsylvania)
GESPGas Entrainment Suppressor Plates
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7) Existing implementations of GESP are column-based, not multifrontal.
Yet, there are fairly meticulous descriptions of some events, such as apparent GESP feats associated with the hypnotized Alexis Didier, that were convincing not only to the foremost magician/ mentalist of the time, Houdin, but remain as difficult to explain through conventional mechanisms now as then (Gauld, 1992).
Contract awarded for Gesps - supply of coach for football cca for 2018 with option to extend another year
Contract awarded for Gesps - supply of band instructors in gan eng seng primary school for 2018
Contract awarded for GESPS - Supply and delivery of reading packs for selected Primary 1 to Primary 6 pupils.
Contract awarded for GESPS - Provision of in-house printing at Gan Eng Seng Primary School for year 2017
Contract awarded for GESPS -Procurement of AV technician services (1 PAX) for 1 year from 1 January 2017 to 31 December 2017 with option to extend 1 year.