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GESSEGradient Echo Sampling of the Spin Echo
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Wherfore, partly by their own experience, and pondering withall what space the ship was able to make with such a winde, and such direction, and partly by the experience of others whose booke and navigations they have, they gesse whereabouts they be, touching degrees of longitude, for of latitude they be always sure: but the greatest and best industry of all is to mark the variation of the needle or compasse, which in the Meridian of the Iland of S.
As sure as the grass began to turn green and flocks of gesse arrived in spring, so did the tourists with their luggage, cameras, binoculars and lists of attractions to visit.
Location of works, place of delivery supplies or performance: POLICE STATION OF SAINT GAUDENS - 2 PLACE OF CAPTAIN GESSE 31800 Saint-Gaudens
I trowe he hadde thilke text in mynde, That "alle thyng, repeirynge to his kynde, Gladeth hymself;" thus seyn men, as I gesse.
They expressed shock at the American tendency to employ, in place of suppose, the likes of expect, reckon, calculate, and--a special target--guess, conveniently overlooking Geoffrey Chaucer's centuries-old "Of twenty yeer of age he was, I gesse.
With such amasinge Musick wee'l obtayne, Our Soles still ravish't in Each pleased Brayne; For all the Passions musick can Expresse Rules our Immortalls, att this none can gesse.
And right as he that seeth his deeth y-shapen, And deye moot, in ought that he may gesse, And sodeynly rescous doth him escape, And from his deeth is brought in sikernesse, For al this world, in swich present gladnesse, Was Troilus.
a construction that, in ME, is replaced with (4) it befel; (5) the syntactic preposing of whan-clauses; (6) the OE mystery particle hwaet (familiar from the first line of Beowulf); and (7) the ME first-person epistemic parenthetical I gesse, which, as a narratorial intervention, has particular narratological relevance.
Gret is my wo," quod she, and sighte soore As she that feleth dedly sharp distresse; "But yit to me his sorwe is muchel more, That love hym bet than he hymself, I gesse.
Location of works, place of delivery supplies or performance: Multi-site 31350 Boulogne sur Gesse
An apprentice seeking beatitude, Geoffrey is guided by Affrycan, who defines Geoffrey's attitude toward love: "For thow of love hast lost thy tast, I gesse, / As sek man hath of swete and bytternesse" (160-61).
Contract notice for General Construction of road from 2016 to 2018 in Boulogne Sur Gesse