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GESSEGradient Echo Sampling of the Spin Echo
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"We think of it as creating a painting in the sky," Gesse says, "with scenes of color combinations that blend from one to another, as well as dramatic titanium salutes."
Sheppard also has been a Fellow at the Tanglewood Music Center and the La Gesse Foundation and was a prize winner in the National Federation of Music Clubs National Competition.
Whose iugement semeth me somwhat like, as though men should gesse [y.sup.e] bewty of one longe before departed, by her scalpe taken out of the charnel house: for now is she old, lene, withered, & dried vp, nothing left but ryuilde skin & hard bone.
[68s.up.v]) are criticized, but there is a notable exception for young women: 'J gesse wel [thorn]at zonge wymmen may sumtyme daunse in mesure to haue recreacioun and liztnesse so [thorn]at [thorn]ei haue [thorn]e more [thorn]ouzte on myr[thorn]e in heuene and drede and loue more god [thorn]erby.
Wherfore, partly by their owne experience, and pondering withall what space the ship was able to make with such a winde, and such direction, and partly by the experience of others whose booke and navigations they have [my italics], they gesse whereabouts they be, touching degrees of longitude, for of latitude they be always sure.
Academic stressors include the student's perception of the extensive knowledge base required and the perception of an inadequate time to develop it (Carveth, Gesse, & Moss, 1996).
After seventeen of them, the Knight interrupts, "for litel hevynesse / Is right ynough to muche folk, I gesse" (2769-70).
McKerrow is right, I think, to say that this William Beeston seems to have been of a ripe age in 1592: 'It is not vnknowne to report, what a famous pottle-pot Patron you haue beene to olde Poets in your daies'.(9) It is tempting to take seriously the imputation that Beeston's 'hospitalitie' is 'chronicled in the Archdeacons Court' - but, Nashe demurs, why should he speak of it, since 'the fruites it brought foorth (as I gesse) are of age to speake for themselues'.
(13) al been they grevouse synne, I gesse that they ne been nat deedly.
As sure as the grass began to turn green and flocks of gesse arrived in spring, so did the tourists with their luggage, cameras, binoculars and lists of attractions to visit.
Suffer no surfytys in thy hous at nyght; Were of rere-sopers and of grete excese And be wele ware of candyll lyght, Of sleuth on morow and of idelnes, The whych of all vyces is chefe, as I gesse. After mete bewere: make not long slepe; Hede, fete, and stomoke preserve from colde.
I trowe he hadde thilke text in mynde, That "alle thyng, repeirynge to his kynde, Gladeth hymself;" thus seyn men, as I gesse. Men loven of propre kynde newefangelnesse, As briddes doon that men in cages fede.