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GESTAPOGeheime Staatspolizei (Nazi German Secret State Police)
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Breslau, the capital city of Prussian Silesia, housed one of the largest provincial Gestapo branches and as the IdS there Seetzen was closer to the centre of Nazi political and police affairs than at any time in his career.
They were dead scared, dreading they would be picked up by Gestapo tony hollander on czech family's escape
She was not allowed to leave the apartment because of the fear that the Gestapo would find her.
There are many similarities between Kiir's unknown gunmen and the Gestapo's assassins.
Another protester at the site, Detlef Baade, whose father was tortured by Hamburg's Gestapo in 1933 told German news paper SA ddeutsche Zeitung: "Nobody who was brought here for interrogation came out unhurt."
Dams and Stolle stress that the Gestapo was neither "all-knowing" nor "all-powerful" (57).
The Gestapo ordered the Association and its offices to assist the state in organizing and implementing the "resettlement" of Jews to Poland.
This came after CHP leader Kemal Kylycdaroy-lu likened MyT to the Gestapo, Nazi Germany's secret police, for its alleged plot against the CHP.
With his uncle's help Karl found a job as a Gestapo inspector, which gave him leverage to pursue Dieter, his competitor for Clara.
This was Gestapo headquarters; the entire block formerly occupied by buildings of the Polish government now essentially was a Gestapo enclave, and those buildings not occupied by the Gestapo housed the civil police.
Human game; the true story of the 'great escape' murders and the hunt for the Gestapo gunmen.
The Gestapo is interrogating captured prisoners, men and women.