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GETAGovernment Employees Training Act
GETAGeneric Engine for Transposable Association (software)
GETAGroupe d'Étude pour la Traduction Automatique (French: Machine Translation Study Group; computing)
GETAGeneral Endotracheal Anesthesia
GETAGovernment Emerging Technology Alliance (membership organization; US DoD)
GETAGreater Elmira Tennis Association (Elmira, NY)
GETAGeneral Equipment Test Activity (US Army)
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Suspended in off-balance arabesque on the tip of his geta, he's a heron in flight.
The experimental material used in our work is wheat (Triticum durum) Geta come from hard JTGC (demonstration farm and seed production Guelma).
Finds from digs at Arbeia Roman fort in South Shields have offered convincing evidence that the Emperor Severus and his sons Caracalla and Geta were at the base as they prepared for a campaign into Scotland.
By the addition of A-Plus Technologies business model and strategy expertise Obscene Interactive expects to getA early market share in the social media market.
He ruled Rome as a military dictator, with his sons Caracalla and Geta as Caesars.
The symbol 'GNTA.OB' will replace the current symbol of 'GETA.OB' that has been in effect since July 2009.
Possibly dam aged, it was thought to be the killer's geta way car.
The altar, which was rescued from the River Tyne sometime around 1672 by Martin Lister, a Fellow of the Royal Society, was always thought to commemorate the safe return of the Emperors Caracalla and Geta to Rome after leaving Britain in AD 211.
He says the opera quartet always geta"fantastic" reception in Wales, where their fans range in age from children to grandparents.
But they said the market would be holding its breath and waiting to see whether lenders would be willing or able to pass on the rates cuts to buyers currently unable to geta mortgage.
Of his simple recipe for tonight's success, the Scot added: "Wetried to geta system where the players were comfortable in their positions.