GETFGlobal Environment & Technology Foundation
GETFGeneral Education Task Force
GETFGender Equity Task Force (various schools)
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GETF seeks to shape a brighter future for communities and the environment by developing innovative strategic plans, creating high-impact partnerships, introducing new technologies and managing programs that have a lasting and positive impact on the world.
Investment in GDS of banks by IDBI GETF is subject to certain conditions like the total investment in GDS will not exceed 20% of total assets under management of IDBI GETF; and Gold certificate issued by banks for investments made by IDBI GETF in GDS shall be held by the mutual fund in the dematerialized or physical form.
Under the agreements, ANSI and GETF will co-market Reality Interactive's upcoming multimedia CD-ROM product that addresses the new ISO 14000 environmental management standard.
standards organization, and GETF, the leading advocate for sustainable environmental practices, we have brought together the leaders in strategic standardization and environmental awareness.
ISO 14000 has the potential to revolutionize environmental protection as we have known it," said Joe Cascio, vice president for Environmental Management Systems at GETF and chairman of the ANSI- accredited U.