GETFGlobal Environment & Technology Foundation
GETFGerman Terra Force (gaming)
GETFGeneral Education Task Force
GETFGender Equity Task Force (various schools)
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* Holding GETF units is safer and cheaper as there are no locker charges.
Gold prices taken from http://www/ gold/org/research/download-the-gold-price-since/1978 retrieved on 08/ 05/2017 Table II Performance of Kotak GETF as on March 31, 2017 Date Kotak GETF Physical Gold CRISIL 10-Year Gilt Returns Returns Index Returns (%) (%) (%) Since Inception 11.73 13.07 7.25 (27/07/2007) Last 1 year -2.61 -1.56 11.87 Last 3 years 0.09 0.97 11.43 Last 5 years -0.88 0.22 8.79 Source: Kotak%20Gold%20ETF.pdf Table III Prices For I Kg.
GETFs are managed by Mutual Fund Houses that issue units of the Gold ETF.
These are medium to low risk investments, with asset allocation under most GETFs being close to 90 Percent in physical gold and the remaining 10 Percent in debt and money market instruments.
The objective of GETFs is to generate returns in line with the returns from investment in physical gold, subject to tracking errors.
Unlike in GETFs, SGBs are not on issue all the time.
They offer gold investors some clear advantages over physical gold and also GETFs, and the first one is their lower cost.
This is where they score over GETFs, where returns to investors are invariably lower than returns form physical gold due to tracking error.
Unlike GETFs or SGBs which are financial securities, a gold futures contract is a derivative instrument--an agreement whereby a buyer and a seller enter into a contract to buy or sell a defined quality and quantity of an asset at a future date and location, but at a price agreed today.
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