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Asumiendo que [G.sup.*.sub.i] tenga una distribucion normal, los resultados pueden ser interpretados como puntajes Z a lo largo de una curva normal (Ord y Getis, 1995).
Maloy and Victoria Getis, "The Standards Connector: Designing an Online Resource for Teaching the Massachusetts History and Social Studies Curriculum Framework," Contemporary Issues in Technology and Teacher Education 2(3) (2002), Available:
(15) Global Moran's I assessed the degree of spatial association throughout the province, whereas Getis and Ord's [G.sup.*] assessed localized patterns of spatial association.
La literatura muestra que existen varios indicadores para medir este fenomeno, entre ellos destacan los tests I de Moran (1948) y c Geary (1954) que son probablemente los contrastes de autocorrelacion espacial mas conocidos, aunque tambien puede anadirse el estadistico G(d), que fue propuesto por Getis y Ord (1992).
The first was a lack of readily accessible and easily used software for undertaking spatial statistical analysis (Getis 2000).
Afortunadamente a traves de los anos este indice fue perfeccionandose hasta llegar a la version utilizada en este trabajo (Getis y Ord, 1992).
Unfortunately no-one told me this until afterwards, so all you getis my ugly profile thrashing about like a grounded mackerel.'
More specifically, the objectives are (1) to measure the erosion rates and sediment yields of the Citarik subwatershed by using the Agricultural Non-point Source Pollution (AGNPS) Model (Getis et al.
Getis' (V.iii.8), 'non metuunt leges' (V.vii.47), 'inhumanae barbariae' (III.ix.2), 'quamque lupi, saevae plus feritatis habent' (V.vii.46).
Combine these elements over time, and what you getis a world according to Boesky or Ivar Krueger or Daniel Drew, a world in which Wall Street is everything.
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