GETNGovernment Education and Training Network
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Hughes is honored to be selected a second time to support GETN in enabling distance learning capabilities for federal agencies, said Tony Bardo, assistant vice president of Government Solutions at Hughes.
Under the task order, Hughes will provide a one-way video and two-way audio network for GETN users via broadband satellite.
Hughes will ensure cost savings by consolidating bandwidth for the GETN community based on historical usage data estimates, and enable agency users to share programming over the same satellite space segment.
Army National Guard officials expect over 3500 viewers at 300+ GETN sites across all 50 states to participate in this program.
Convergent Media, AT&T's service partner for operating and maintaining GETN, redesigned and upgraded the original GETN network in 2000, and continues to install new sites, and operate and manage all GETN broadcast programming.
Convergent Media designed, installed and operates the Army National Guard network of 95 sites, which operates as part of GETN.
We look forward to supporting the needs of the GETN program-leveraging our heritage as the leading provider of broadband satellite networks and services to deliver cutting-edge distance learning and business IPTV solutions.
GETN is a network of Federal agencies using a common satellite carrier for an interoperable, interactive network that enables user agencies to share distance learning programs using common facilities.
GETN user agencies include the Air National Guard, Air Force Reserve, Bureau of Indian Affairs, Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute, Defense Logistics Agency, Department of Justice, Environmental Protection Agency, Federal Aviation Administration, Federal Bureau of Investigation, National Park Service, U.