GETPGeneral Employee Training Program
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The warm-up may reduce the chance of a musculoskeletal injury by increasing connective tissue extensibility, improving joint ROM and function, and enhancing muscular performance (GETP 2006).
Cardiorespiratory endurance refers to the ability to persist or continue in strenuous activity requiring large-muscle groups for a prolonged period of time (GETP 2006).
echoD.d :: Dialogue echoD p = Getq: case p of Getp c : p' [right arrow] if (c == `\n') then [] else Putq c: case p' of Putp : p" [right arrow] echoD p" The program first issues the request Getq on its request stream, indicating a character should be read, causing the response Getp c to appear on its response stream, indicating character c was read.
echoD (bottom) = Getq :bottom echoD (Getp `A':bottom) = Getq :Putq `A':bottom echoD (Getp `A':Putp :bottom) = Getq :Putq `A':Getq :bottom echoD (Getp `A':Putp :Getp `B':bottom) = Getq :Putq `A':Getq :Putq `B':bottom) echoD (Getp `A':Putp :Getp `B':Putp : Getp `\n':bottom) = Getq :Putq `A':Getq :Putq `B':Getq :[] echoD (Getp `A':Putp :Getp `B':Putp : Getp `\n':[]) = Getq :Putq `A':Getq :Putq `B': Getq :[] This view restores the causality: first there are no responses and the request Getq is issued; next the response Getp `A' appears and the request Putq `A' is issued, and so on.