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GETUPGraduate Employees Together at the University of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
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Getup Crew, a musical band committed to music production, entertainment and humanitarianism, also seeks to preserve African gospel music through jazz.
After the election, GetUp members gathered in hundreds of local meetings to dream up their top priorities for a "People's Agenda," much of which found its way into the high-profile of several Parliament members' "maiden speeches." When GetUp hired an economist to cost out the major priorities, some of the findings were used in Rudd's first budget.
According to the West Australian newspaper, the school has sent a letter of apology to parents after several complained about the child's Nazi-inspired getup, which included a swastika emblem, the Courier Mail News Australia reported that the school's principal has denied allegations that classmates had roared approval with chants of "Hitler, Hitler".
What's your typical summer getup? Tank tops and board shorts.
Advocacy organisation GetUp's petition against the proposal has garnered more than 120,000 signatures.
I recalled a friend's joke that my getup should've come equipped with a bulletproof vest, but as it turned out, polyester was tough enough to deflect the ammunition deployed by overalls-clad members of the Iowa Pork Producers Associates: sticky slices of bologna and pimento loaf.
Make a statement with your beach getup and wear a floral graphic tee, knotted above the waist, over your favorite onesie swimsuit.
The new getup will make it more difficult to distinguish between cops and villains, not least because the baseball hat is the uniform of the idiot.
In this getup she's the Undisputed Muse of garbage-worthy Grunge!
And her taste in clothes is almost as bad as her taste in men judging by the getup she wore to catch up on gossip about herself in an LA store.
Elsewhere, by contrast, a woman in a white harem getup wields a swirling ribbon that contradicts the availability her costume suggests by defining a circular zone of force around her.