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GEVGuardie Ecologiche Volontarie (Italian: Voluntary Ecological Guards)
GEVGiga-Electron-Volt (one billion electron-volts)
GEVGod's Eye View (aviation)
GEVGround-Effects Vehicle (Hovercraft)
GEVGumbel Extreme Value distribution (reliability)
GEVGeneralized Error Variance
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The HBT radii from Au+Au 19.6 GeV and Cu+Cu 22.4 GeV, both from STAR experiment, are also included in this paper since they are different collision species with close collision energies.
The estimation methods of the parameters of the GEV distribution include the method of moments, the method of maximum likelihood estimates, the method of probability weighted moments, and the method of L-moments.
The main findings are that when suitable observables are chosen for the dynamical system of interest, it is possible to relate the GEV or GP parameters describing the extremes to basic properties of the dynamics and especially to the geometry of the measure supported by the attractor.
These three distribution were GPA, GLO and GEV. Further, to avoid undue favor to outliers and mitigate their effects, MTL was used for estimation of parameters for these three distribution under the umbrella of these goodness-of-fit tests as reported by (Asquith, 2007; Hosking, 2007; Elamir and Seheult, 2003).
Therefore, integrating the three forms of distribution into a comprehensive one, namely, GEV, is preferable:
The average values of sample L-moment and TL-moment ratios which are denoted by , which are given below: After the GPA the second and third best fit distributions are GLO and GEV. For L-moments = 0.1614843 and =0.1394614 For TL-moments = 0.224406 and =0.1315963
The abovementioned injection schemes provide us with high-quality electron beam injectors for a front end of multi-staged high-energy accelerators such as a multi-GeV laser plasma accelerator for compact X-ray FELs, (20,21, 58) a 100 GeV large-scale laser plasma acceleration experiment, (57) TeV-range laser plasma colliders.
Subsea Masters, a subsidiary of UK based GEV Group, has agreed a joint venture with a Las Palmas shipyard in the Canary Islands to provide rig maintenance and repair for the West African offshore drilling market.
Currently the PS3.74 billion machine is running at a low "injection" energy of 450 giga-electron volts (GeV).