GEVDGeneralized Extreme Value Distribution
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This expectation is supported by the fact that in all heat exchangers analyzed in this study, the GEVD is considered an acceptable distribution that represents the metal loss thinning rate.
The GEVD parameters obtained by the Bayesian approach ((a, b, [xi]) in Tables 3 and 4 can be useful for estimating the remaining life of other heat exchangers that preheat a similar hydrocarbon mix.
Caption: Figure 1: Wall thickness thinning rate of heat exchanger histogram and its fitting to GEVD (all the Probability Density Function (PDF) values plotted in this paper were adjusted in order for the distribution to "look like" the histogram.
where [[tau].sub.k] is the kth largest eigenvalue of the GEVD associating with the eigenvector [w.sub.k] and [w.sub.k] constitutes the kth column vector of the matrix W.
, [x.sub.n] that are realizations from the GEVD for minima we fit the GEVD for maxima to the data - [x.sub.1], ...
We fit a GEVD to all the 42 negative real GDP growth rates.
The PP and QQ plots given in Figure 8 indicate the appropriateness of using the GEVD to model the negative real GDP growth rates.
Table 3 Evaluation of estimated tail quantiles at different probabilities (number of exceedances) Probability Expected ARMA-EGARCH GEVD 0.1 4 6 6 0.05 2 3 2 0.01 1 1 1 The theoretical number of exceedances is calculated as follows: e.g.