GEWSGianturco Expandable Wire Stent
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They were first on the scene and were here for five hours pumping water out of the site with GEWS, who were here for a few days.
His allegations are strongly refuted by GEWS operations manager Llyr Williams.
The company contracted to spread the sewage, GEWS, is being engaged by United Utilities to carry out the work.
Unusual jobs tackled by GEWS include emptying a septic tank at the summit of Snowdon - something that involves using the mountain railway - and cleaning out a sewer alongside the River Dee in Chester, a job that was carried out from a barge using jetting equipment designed and built by the company for the specific purpose.
Most of the firm's growth has been organic, but there have been one or two acquisitions along the way, first a small waste firm in Dolgellau, and late last year a drain cleaning company on Anglesey which will see GEWS move more strongly into private residential work.
He says repeat business with contractors it has established good relationships with has powered GEWS forward - so much so that it rarely sees the need to advertise and, unusually for a concern its size, doesn't have a website.