GEXPGovernment Expenditure
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Table 4 shows that Australia, Brunei, Japan and New Zealand, which had the highest initial GEXP in 1970, experienced slow growth in GEXP during the sample period.
Government expenditures (GEXP) enter statistically significant and positive in growth equation (M-5, Table 2).
Min Inflation (INF) 234 6.978278 5.753257 -1.6 Fiscal deficit (BUD) 234 -3.341026 3.338735 -15.9 Broad money M2 (M2) 234 52.03333 31.58796 1.9 Real GDP per capita (RGDP) 234 976.8051 154.7796 683.7 Government expenditure (GEXP) 234 19.81709 6.370099 1.1 Interest rate (INTE) 234 9.48812 4.534037 0.8 Exchange rate (EXC) 234 482.756 262.5288 90.9 Trade openness (OPEN) 234 83.88547 48.19599 17.3 Variable Max Inflation (INF) 58.5 Fiscal deficit (BUD) 4.8 Broad money M2 (M2) 142.2 Real GDP per capita (RGDP) 1443.1 Government expenditure (GEXP) 37.7 Interest rate (INTE) 28.3 Exchange rate (EXC) 994.4 Trade openness (OPEN) 220.4 Author elaboration (software output).
Reverse transcription (20 ng) and PCR were done according to the GenomeLab GeXP Start Kit protocol (Beckman Coulter, USA), using the conditions shown in Table 3.
Reverse transcription and PCR were performed according to the GenomeLab GeXP Kit (Beckman Coulter, USA) protocol, in an XP Thermal Cycler (Bioer Technology, Germany).
In addition, I control for local government finances by including total tax revenues (TAXREV), property tax revenues (PROPREV), and total expenditures (GEXP) within the county.
GenomeLab GeXP Rat Multitox Plex Kit, for preclinical drug research screening, contains 25 genes involved in key toxicological pathways including toxicity, stress, DNA damage and apoptosis.
Then the purified samples were sequenced on DNA sequencer (GeXP, BackMann Coulter, USA).
Using the values of GEXP, we have divided countries based on government size.