GF8Grande Fratello 8 (Italian: Big Brother 8; television show)
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EURO QUALIFYING PEDIGREE: P100 W48 D23 L29 F144 A107 IRELAND'S ALL-TIME RECORD: P9 W4 D2 L3 GF8 GA10 TOP MAN: Darren Fletcher (Manchester United) MANAGER: Gordon Strachan GEORGIA Yet to qualify for a Euro finals since independence and Ireland beat them twice in the 2010 World Cup campaign - albeit we fluked a 2-1 win in Dublin.
P5 W1 D3 L1 GF8 GA6 NORWAY Ireland have a decent record here and wouldn't be the worst draw from this pot.
P9 W4 D2 L3 GF8 GA10 FINLAND A side we have never lost to, but not faced all that often.