GFACSGlobal Foreign Affairs Compensation System (US Department of State)
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Mounts said he considers implementation of GFACS a milestone in the ePayroll initiative to standardize payroll policies and procedures, and simplify and better integrate the payroll, human resources and finance functions.
Initially, we must ensure effective communication between the pilot and GFAC. The ability to talk, pass images, send and receive target data, locate friendly positions, and communicate the ground commander's intent is key.
The appropriate communication links to Army, Navy, and Marine artillery coordination cells would give the GFAC another route to request artillery fires (through the FAC[A]) and would allow the FAC (A) to adjust that fire for maximum effect.
"joint close air support missions [are] forced to conduct last-minute training or create ad hoc procedures on the battlefield." (24) The proposed GFAC tool and mission-specialized aircraft software that would link air and ground crews are a system--and should be used as such.