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GFCIGround Fault Circuit Interrupter
GFCIGlobal Financial Centres Index (England, UK)
GFCIGovernment Furnished Contractor Installed
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Most people have seen GFCI outlets, but many are unaware of their intended purpose, which is to prevent shock or electrocution in the event of a short circuit to ground.
Developed by the Z/Yen Group, the GFCI provides evaluations of future competitiveness and rankings for the major financial centres around the world.
The GFCI 22 report is the result of a rigorous process from the GFCI, which measures 29,000 financial centre assessments, together with over 100 indices from organisations such as the World Bank, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).
Some areas of the country report a 57% failure rate on GFCI breakers, and variables such as lightning, age and poor inspection policies have contributed to the failure of these devices.
The factors used in the GFCI model include five key areas of competitiveness - business environment, financial sector development, infrastructure, human capital and reputational and general factors.
Professor Michael Mainelli, Executive Chairman of the Z/Yen Group said: "The immediate story of GFCI 15 is that New York City overtakes London.
Morocco entered the top 80 most competitive Global Financial Centres Index (GFCI) for the first time this year in 51st place, ahead of the Bahamas, Dublin, Malta, Madrid, Moscow and Lisbon.
The report revealed that financial centres in Europe are still in turmoil with 23 of the 27 centres in the GFCI falling in the list.
Qatar has maintained top ranking in the Middle East region in Global Financial Centers Index, GFCI 15, which covers 83 financial centres across the world.
Because the control of pilot signal for the level 1 charging station, EVSmartPlug, takes place within the PEV's trickle charge cable, the automatic reset of GFCI is not required by UL certification.
Printer: If the GFCI circuit breaker trips, the printer won't work.
With the region's second largest economy, it may seem counterintuitive that Cairo doesn't even rank in the biannual Global Financial Centres Index (GFCI).