GFCRGlass Fiber Reinforced Concrete
GFCRGas Filter Correlation Radiometer
GFCRGroup for Cryptology Research (India)
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Gas-Filter Correlation Radiometry (GFCR), also known as Correlation Spectroscopy, is a well-established remote sensing technology, first developed in the 1960s and first employed for atmospheric remote sensing of the atmosphere from space in 1970 (Smith and Pidgeon, 1964, and Abel et al., 1970).
For the realSens[TM] instrument, a new form of GFCR has been developed, known as a Simultaneous View Correlation Radiometer (SVCR) (Miller et al., 2004).
The main principle of a GFCR is to use a sample of the gas of interest as a spectral filter for the gas.
In operation, it is often convenient to define an instrument signal from a GFCR as the ratio of the [S.sub.diff] to the [S.sub.avg] ([S.sub.d/a]), because it is unitless.