GFDGeophysical Fluid Dynamics
GFDGraphical Full Function Display
GFDGluten-Free Diet (nutrition)
GFDGeneral Food Distribution
GFDGround Fault Detection (electrical safety)
GFDGroup Finance Director (various locations)
GFDGone from Daylight
GFDGhana Federation of the Disabled (est. 1987)
GFDGold Finger Device
GFDGood Governance for Development (in the Arab Countries)
GFDGovernment-Furnished Data
GFDGallons Per Square Foot of Membrane Per Day
GFDGeorgetown Fire Department (USA)
GFDGross Foreign Debt
GFDGetting Finances Done (blog)
GFDGood Faith Deposit
GFDGround Flash Density (lightning measurement)
GFDGrain Filling Duration
GFDGingival Fibromatosis with Sensorineural Hearing Loss
GFDGone For the Day
GFDGeotechnical Field Drilling
GFDGuilford Gravure Inc. (USPS philatelic magazine)
GFDGraded Ferroelectric Device
GFDGeneral Functional Description
GFDGloversville Fire Department
GFDGeneral Feature Description
GFDGovernment-Furnished Design
GFDGreenhills Volunteer Fire Department (Cincinnati, OH)
GFDPope Field Airport, Greenfield, Indiana, USA (Airport Code)
GFDGourmet Freeze Dry
GFDGrounds for Discussion (University of Virginia)
GFDGas Fill and Drain (valve)
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socio-economic background, ethnic QoL and cultural factors, access to GFD products, in-depth analysis about child and parental perceptions about the GFD) in children with CD on the GFD [31].
Unfortunately, the tragic events of September 11, 2001 forced Demsak and GFD Courier from the place they had called home for over two decades.
For instance, GoK's GFD to GSDP ratio increased to 3.
Twenty-nine sera from the group of CD patients not being treated with a GFD were positive for AGAs and anti-tTG IgA, showing different antibody concentrations, and 2 sera from the same group were shown to be negative for both AGAs and anti-tTG IgA.
Relative responses (%) in GFR, GFD, and final grain weight to the sink reduction treatment were calculated as 100 X [(sink-reduced -- control) / control] and used to characterize the effect of 50%-reduced sink strength on grain filling.
0 years; age range, 11-70 years) after at least 12 months of GFD (median length of GFD, 730 days; range, 342-4015 days) and two monthly, consecutive serum EMA tests that were negative.
Georg Fischer Disa launched its newest vertical parting green sand molding line, the GFD Disa 230, which produced its first mold in February.
In addition, among 101 individuals on GFDs who had no laboratory or clinical indication of celiac disease, blood levels of total mercury were significantly elevated, compared with individuals not on a GFD (1.
All 3 flavors have been met with positive feedback from UCR and GFD fans.
These symptoms settle down quickly, in few days after initiation of the GFD (Arigo et al.
However, the GFD can be high in saturated fat, simple sugars, and glycemic index or glycemic load, and low in folate, particularly if relying on processed, prepackaged GFD foods as a major source of food intake [5-9].
It's being opened by GFD Group, who also have the Jean-Georges Restaurant in the Four Seasons Resort.