GFDMGrowth Factor Depleted Medium
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Future works are regarding the implementation of the two proposed 5G scenarios in our campus using the two produced slotted waveguide antenna arrays and a GFDM (Generalized Frequency Division Multiplexing) modem, previously developed by our research group in collaboration with the Dresden Technical University from Germany [18, 30].
Fettweis, "Widely linear estimation for space-time-coded GFDM in low-latency applications," IEEE Transactions on Communications, vol.
The CP insertion method of GFDM is different from OFDM, where CP is added in each block instead of each symbol, which increases the efficiency of the system.
The flexibility of GFDM allows it to cover a single-carrier frequency domain equalization (SC-FDE) and CP-OFDM as special cases [5-7].
References [7-9] that have been published focus on the BER performance of GFDM, while there has been no systematic research on the PAPR performance of GFDM.
In Section 2, a typical GFDM system and its properties are demonstrated including the bock diagram, PAPR of GFDM, and pulse shaping filters used in GFDM system.
The block diagram of GFDM communication system is shown in Figure 1.
Although WCP-COQAM [19-21] is not as extended as the other two schemes in the bibliography, it shares several similarities with GFDM, which make it another candidate for 5G [22] and an interesting MCM scheme to be analysed.
Consequently, in case matched filter receivers are used, FBMC and GFDM perform worse than OFDM in terms of BER.
Zemede said Keysight added new baseband physical-layer modern technologies and reference IP as well as transmit/receive support for Universal Filtered OFDM (UF-OFDM), Filtered-OFDM (F-OFDM), FBMC, and GFDM (transmit only).
He added, "The open software architectures of NI's RF modules, for instance, allow the instruments to rapidly evolve with the emergence of new RF waveforms such as GFDM [generalized frequency division multiplexing] and FBMC [filter bank multicarrier]." Further, he explained, the tight synchronization inherent in the PXI backplane makes PXI suitable for testing evolving MIMO standards, and the modularity of PXI allows engineers to incrementally add new hardware capabilities as needs evolve.