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GFEGood Faith Estimate (mortgage or loan related estimate of closing costs)
GFEGovernment-Furnished Equipment
GFEGood for Enterprise (software)
GFEGrantmakers for Education
GFEGirl Friend Experience
GFEGeneral Further Education (UK)
GFEGraphical Forecast Editor
GFEGoogle Front End (Google web server)
GFEGas Free Engineer
GFEGroup Format Error
GFEGeneric Front End
GFEGesellschaft für Forschung und Entwicklung (German)
GFEGood for Everything
GFEGroningen Fitness Test for the Elderly
GFEGeneral Fund Exempt
GFEGood Faith Edit (Wikimedia Foundation)
GFEGo Fat Early
GFEGrooming Fabric Edge
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The same applies to home-equity lines of credit (HELOCs)--which, like manufactured housing (with no land) loans, do not require either a GFE or HUD-1 (assuming Regulation Z disclosures are provided).
Unlike GFE, personal devices cannot be integrated into the network's device management tools.
The CFPB GFE form is different than a separate review of the HUD-1 settlement statement, which shows actual charges versus estimated charges.
The survey, conducted by market research firm TNS Global for mortgage lender ING Direct, also found that 53 percent of those buyers who looked at the GFE spent less than 30 minutes doing so.
This year, HUD revised the GFE form to address concerns voiced by subprime-era borrowers who alleged that some lenders quoted a low interest rate or low monthly payment while not disclosing critical loan features such as heavy prepayment penalties and terms under which the mortgage payment would jump sharply shortly after closing.
To identify the hazards, the GFE must understand and use these references and other resources, such as DC plates, the ship's DC book, previous entry certificates, and various NSTMs.
In its announcement, HUD said it agreed with many others who suggested the new GFE allow consumers to compare their estimated closing costs with the actual costs included on their HUD-1 Settlement Statement.
* Some costs stated in the GFE may not change at closing, while others are subject to certain tolerances at closing (this is a limited change).
The GFE campaigners contested Peter Johnson's original plan to take Everton to an unspecified site in 1996 (for which 82 per cent of fans voted 'yes'), but in October 2000 the campaign wound-up after Everton lodged its King's Dock bid based on the results of a second, equally one-sided, fans' vote.
Copies of the draft GFE and MPO can be downloaded off the HUD RESPA Reform Web site,
* Reissue GFE. If a contractor using government-furnished equipment stops production, reclaim the GFE and reissue it to a new source to help establish production capabilities.