GFEMGeneralized Finite Element Method
GFEMGrantmakers in Film and Electronic Media (Baltimore, MD)
GFEMGalerkin Finite Element Method
GFEMGlobal Finite Element Modeling (engineering)
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C-C beam (nonlinear) Present [A.sup.*] FEM Present GFEM N= 100 Ref.
Romao, "3D unsteady diffusion and reaction-diffusion with singularities by GFEM with 27-node hexahedrons," Mathematical Problems in Engineering, vol.
This work is organized as follows: In the theoretical part the non-linear model equations are described in detail, polymerization kinetics, along with model parameters and the GFEM are briefly reviewed.
The above equations are simultaneously solved by the Galerkin Finite Element Method (GFEM) along with the governing equations of the model to calculate the concentration profiles of the reactants, the product quality, and the position of the moving boundary as a function of time.
Equations 7a and 7b are discretized by the standard GFEM procedure, it results in:
10a and 10b are discretized by the standard GFEM procedure, which results in Eq.
(6) solved a full three-dimensional timedependent mold cooling procedure in injection molding by galerkin finite element gradient technique (GFEM) formulation with a matrix-free conjugate.