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Numerous reports have documented drug interactions with GFJ that occur via inhibition of CYP3A enzymes.
GFJ is generally contraindicated to patients taking psychotropics and it is advised to inform patients about described interaction.
Gerardo Fernandez Juarez (GFJ) presenta tres testimonios centrales --dos de yatiris y uno de un ch'amakani-- junto con el relato de una serie de conversaciones, confidencias y practicas rituales, tanto en su variante urbana como entre quienes permanecen en el altiplano.
The goodness of fit (GFJ) and adjusted goodness of fit (AGEL) exceed 0.90, the root mean square error of approximation (RMSEA) is within the desired range of 0.06 to 0.08, and the normed fit index (NH) and comparative fit index (CR) are close to one.
Finally, while the [X.sup.2] change for Model 6 is significant, the RNI and GFJ rise only .01 and the NNFI and AGFI fall .02 and .01, r espectively (RMR is unchanged).
Adrian Keeling, prosecuting, said senior accountant Collins, who had no formal qualifications, was in charge of managing the account of GFJ Gould and Son, a building and paving contractor in Burlington Road, Stoke.
(2) In September 2012, a full-service not-for-profit cooperative grocery store, the Good Food Junction (GFJ), was opened in an effort to improve healthy food access in the area.
Garlick, GFJ, Gibson, AF, "The Electron Trap Mechanism of Luminescence in Sulphide and Silicate Phosphors." Proc.