GFLGalactic Federation of Light (science fiction)
GFLGerman as a Foreign Language
GFLGameface Live
GFLGerman Football League
GFLGeneral Food Law (various locations)
GFLGujarat Fluorochemicals Ltd. (India)
GFLGround Floor Level
GFLGold Fields Limited (South Africa)
GFLGenerations for Life (Chicago, IL)
GFLGrounded for Life (TV show)
GFLGlobal Filters Ltd. (UK)
GFLGreat Fire of London
GFLGeorgetown Football League
GFLGood Freakin' Luck (polite form)
GFLGangsters for Life
GFLGovernment Furnished List
GFLGone For Lunch
GFLGuilio Fiocchi - Lecco (Italian ammunition headstamp)
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Through its Canadian and Michigan platform of operations, GFL serves approximately 60,000 commercial, industrial and institutional customers.
Further information on the Elesa GFL lobe nut may be found at: www.
Group First's management team, who retain a 35% interest, is led by Paul Maston who founded the business in 1988 and will continue as CEO of GFL.
By joining forces with The Garbage Company and its experienced and committed workforce, GFL can offer our customers more services in more locations than ever before," said Patrick Dovigi, President and CEO of GFL, speaking in a January 6, 2014 statement.
From left, Joe Harris of Whereoware; Stu Teller, GFL board; GFL board member Eric Dean of Whereoware, and Bill Haskitt and Jim Rothey of Whereoware.
CRISIL believes that Inox Wind will successfully manufacture and commission wind turbines for GFL and will also cater to the merchant market, despite the technology-related risks it faces in its operations.
154) The GFL lays out basic principles to guide subsequent European food safety legislation and established the European Food Safety Authority and the Rapid Alert System.
Cell phone company executives, when deciding to go into a burgeoning market, such as India or China, must have an understanding of that country's cultures, GFL standard 6: How Culture and Experience Influence People's Perceptions of Places and Regions, and NCSS Standard [?
Peter Evans, Jets' general manager, says the fixture will be the club's biggest test on the field as the Devils have a rich tradition of success in the GFL.
Together with GFL cell bodies dissected from the same stellate ganglia, the two tissue preparations can be compared biochemically.
the wrongful division of swag: the GFL requires that anyone who uses the
If the under 15s can produce on the pitch the quality of finishing that GFL produces for its customers, then they should be a force to be reckoned with.