GFLOPGiga-Floating Point Operations
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The 32-processor server runs at 171.61 GFLOPS or giga floating-point operations per second under a standard benchmark measurement called Linkpack-HPC, NEC said in a news release.
For example, the digital equivalent of a small 8 x 8 Butler matrix with 1 GHz bandwidth requires approximately 50 GFLOPs and still has an inferior dynamic range.
* the ratio of RAM bandwidth and floating point performance (GB/s/ Gflop).
Finite element models with 10 million degrees of freedom which use direct factorization solvers would most likely require hundreds of Gbytes of file storage and require prohibitively large memory and execution time, even at today's achievable Gflop performance.
The machine, with 28 CPUs, a speed of 224 gigaflops (GFLOPS), a 224-gigabyte memory, a RAD 3 (3.78 terabytes) storage device and 14 terabytes of backup capacity, ran until 2005.
Although the declared theoretical peak power (GFLOPs) show significant performance gain for manycore processors, the economic performance-per-price and performance-per-watt are still questionable.
Since the NVIDIA K2200 has poor double-precision computation capability (40 GFLOPS nominal peak), the acceleration would be much more significant on professional computing GPUs such as Tesla.
The conversion between GFlops and MPair/s is based on Atsushi Kawai's work [16].
To add perspective, the TITAN X had a single precision processing power of 10157 GFLOPs and the for GTX 1080 Ti that number is 10609 GFLOPS.