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GFLOPSGiga Floating Point Operations per Second
GFLOPSGiga (billion) Floating Point Operations Per Second
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Board Pipeline Frequency Zedboard 8 200 MHz KC705 32 344.9 MHz XUPV5 2 224.3 MHz Gemini-1 32 x 2 266.1MHz Total (theory) 106 -- Total (experiment) 106 -- Board GFlops MPair/s Zedboard 32.9 866.6 KC705 227.2 5977.8 XUPV5 9.234 242.9 Gemini-1 175.3 * 2 4612.0 * 2 Total (theory) 620.1 16311.3 Total (experiment) 503.5 13244.7 Table 5: Hardware performance comparison.
1 GMACS is equivalent to 2 GFLOPS when using floating point arithmetic and 2 GIOPS (Giga Integer Operations Per Second) when using fixed point arithmetic.
Plurality's 64-core design delivers up to 32 GIPS and 8 GFLOPS performance when operating at 500MHz in 65 nm GP process.
This new system will provide Skoda Auto with additional processing power of close to 500 GFLOPS and allow engineers to reduce processing times, thereby optimizing decisions concerning car development and design efficiency, quality and safety.
"For instance, the OVERFLOW CFD application has generated 200 GFLOPS of sustained performance with 256 processors, which is exactly twice the performance that NASA Ames team achieved with the first 128-processor Altix system - all without optimizing application code."
The 32-processor server runs at 171.61 GFLOPS or giga floating-point operations per second under a standard benchmark measurement called Linkpack-HPC, NEC said in a news release.
The latest Top 500 List of supercomputers ( indicates that Dell clusters have a cumulative performance of 6.046 TFLOPS, up from 856 Gigaflops (GFLOPS) in the previous list.
Wildcat VP uses 3Dlabs' ground-breaking Visual Processing Architecture to integrate over 200 32-bit processors into a single Visual Processing Unit (VPU) for a staggering 170 Gflops and over 1.2 TeraOps of programmable power.
Four AltiVec PowerPC 7400/7410 processors at 400-600 MHz provide more than 16 GFLOPS of available DSP performance.
The paper especially considers the Fujitsu VPP300 with distributed memory and a peak performance of 2.2 Gflops per processor [Fujitsu High-Performance Computing Group 1996].
It is capable of 14.4 GFLOPS in a single 6U VME slot.
Raw performance has been quoted as 6.16 GFlops single-precision, 1.5GFlops double-precision.