GFLSMGeneral Finite Line Source Model (atmospheric environment)
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A general finite line source model (GFLSM) for all wind directions based on the Gaussian diffusion equations was presented by Luhar and Patil (1989).
GFLSM includes co-ordinate transformation between the wind co-ordinate system ([x.sub.1],[y.sub.1],[z.sub.1]) and the line source coordinate system (x,y,z).The middle point of the line source is assumed as the origin for both coordinate systems, which also have the same z-axis.
The Delhi finite Line Source Model (DFLSM) which was used by Khare and Sharma, (1999) as given in Eq.(2) derived from the general finite line source model (GFLSM) was used in this study to compare the results with the observed data.