GFNGenitofemoral Nerve
GFNGrid File Name
GFNGlobal File Name
GFNGlobal Foodborne Infections Network (World Health Organization)
GFNGrain Fineness Number (American Foundry Society)
GFNGay Financial Network
GFNGone for Now
GFNGood For Nothing
GFNGlass Filled Nylon
GFNGlobal File Name (computing)
GFNGenesee Free-Net (Flint, MI)
GFNGrand Forks, North Dakota (border patrol sector)
GFNGroup-Forming Network
GFNGoodbye for Now
GFNGlobal Futures Network
GFNGlobal Food & Nutrition Inc (Washington, DC)
GFNGround Fault Neutralizer (power generation)
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Good For Nothing (GFN) Chester is a passionate bunch of caring, sharing creative volunteers often found working away in the background supporting various community ventures.
And the audience learned there were plans to work with Una Meehan, from theUniversity of Chester, to establish a sub-group of GFN to engage with younger members of the community.
Find out more at, Call GFN Marketing at (240) 247-0634 or email at for event information or to reserve vendor space.
GFN said that humans are using around 1.7 times the amount of resources Earth produces per year.
At the 5th GFN, scientists, researchers and public health practitioners from the United States, Australia, and United Kingdom presented studies showing the effectiveness of vaping as a smoking cessation tool.
Two-Individual Matching: Evidence versus Reference with GFN Similarity.
On the first day of pregnancy the protocol of exposure to cigarette smoke was initiated, which was divided into two phases: first, the adaptation phase, comprising the first five days, where the animals in the groups GF and GFN were exposed to cigarette smoke in the smoke chamber at a temperature of 23 [+ or -] 1[degrees]C (Czekaj et al, 2002) for 10 min a day, 250 ppm (parts per million) of CO (carbon monoxide) measured by BiosystemsTxiPro[R] specific gas detector The second phase or experimental phase started to last 30 minutes twice a day (morning and afternoon), six days a week with 350 ppm CO of exposure (Edirisinghe et al, 2008).
Noryl GFN and Lexan GLX resins are two examples of Sabic's continued commitment to help automotive customers cut vehicle weight for improved fuel economy, drive advancements in EV technology and have greater freedom to create world-class designs.
(iii) Reference Testing: technical advice and free of charge reference testing of Salmonella and other enteric pathogens by GFN steering committee partners and regional centres of excellence;