GFNGenitofemoral Nerve
GFNGlobal File Name
GFNGrid File Name
GFNGlobal Foodborne Infections Network (World Health Organization)
GFNGrain Fineness Number (American Foundry Society)
GFNGay Financial Network
GFNGone for Now
GFNGood For Nothing
GFNGlass Filled Nylon
GFNGlobal File Name (computing)
GFNGenesee Free-Net (Flint, MI)
GFNGrand Forks, North Dakota (border patrol sector)
GFNGroup-Forming Network
GFNGoodbye for Now
GFNGlobal Futures Network
GFNGlobal Food & Nutrition Inc (Washington, DC)
GFNGround Fault Neutralizer (power generation)
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Through GFN's new e-Learning platform, hunger leaders can share best practices and access critical training materials throughout the year," said Lisa Moon, GFN President and CEO.
Noryl GFN and Lexan GLX resins are two examples of Sabic's continued commitment to help automotive customers cut vehicle weight for improved fuel economy, drive advancements in EV technology and have greater freedom to create world-class designs.
iii) Reference Testing: technical advice and free of charge reference testing of Salmonella and other enteric pathogens by GFN steering committee partners and regional centres of excellence;
Both partners have recently re-evaluated the project as well as a number of other key factors which may affect or may be relevant to their investment in GFN, including increases in customer demand, volatility of economic circumstances, worldwide pressure and perception on global warming, more environmental friendly of modern technologies, and unexpectedly higher costs of construction materials and labour and have concluded that it would be in the best interest of GFN to increase the previously approved total project cost from Baht 1,590 million to Baht 2,340 million", said GFN.
In 2007, the nation tied up with GFN to roll out the UAE Ecological Footprint Initiative, or Al Basama Al Beeiya, to ensure a sustainable future.
FBLI is an effective and efficient way for GFN to support numerous individual food banks at the same time, as well as promote the global food banking movement.
The program, called the GFN Market Wrap, is part of GFN's effort to expand its coverage of financial issues.
GFN is a measure of the average size of the particles (or grains) in a sand sample.