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GFPGreen Fluorescent Protein
GFPGovernment Furnished Property
GFPGospel Folio Press (Christian publisher)
GFPGeneric Framing Procedure
GFPGlobal Functional Plan
GFPGlobal Footprint
GFPGeneric Frame Protocol
GFPGrowing Forest Partnerships
GFPGeneral Framing Procedure
GFPGreenville Family Partnership (South Carolina)
GFPGlutton for Punishment
GFPGrandmothers for Peace
GFPGeneric Functional Protocol
GFPGlobal Functional Plane
GFPGraphical Flight Plan (aviation software)
GFPGlobal Flight Plan (US Air Force)
GFPGlobal Field Power
GFPGovernment-Furnished Parts
GFPGreen Forum Philippines
GFPGuaranty Fund Program
GFPGeneric Functional Procedures
GFPGeneral Fellowship Program (US NIH)
GFPGovernment Furnished Program
GFPGround Fault Protection/Protector
GFPGiovane Fotografo Professionista (Italian)
GFPGroup Four Photonics (Conference)
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In that type of circuit, the target chemical would generate a specific response, such as production of green fluorescent protein (GFP).
Hayashi et al., "In vivo internal tumor illumination by telomerase-dependent adenoviral GFP for precise surgical navigation," Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, vol.
To study such correlations, we transiently transfected HT1080 cells with FUS-GF-Pencoding plasmid and collected single cells with increasing GFP fluorescence intensity as measured by FACS.
Then the physicists pimped their GFP laser by replacing the free-floating molecules with a single mammalian cell containing a bit of DNA that churns out a mutant form of the fluorescent protein.
Peter Bartley, director at Bradley Hall, said: "The new relationship with GFP Wealth Management reflects our ambitions and our commitment to provide the best possible service to our clients.
GFP displays a sensitivity and dynamic range equivalent to [beta]-gal as a reporter of relative promoter activity in both qualitative and quantitative assays the fact that GFP's fluorescence requires no other cofactor makes GFP extremely useful as a biological marker.
Entretanto, o uso das solucoes descalcificadoras prejudica a visualizacao das celulas GFP por provocar a perda da fluorescencia natural dessas celulas (HARMS et al., 2002; TADA et al., 2006).
Israel was in the 37th place with 65 vessels, according to the GFP.
aegypti antimicrobial peptide (AMP) genes to drive the expression of marker proteins (luciferase, GFP, the NS3 protein of two flaviviruses, and rabies virus glycoprotein) in mosquito cells and adult female mosquitoes, and in other insect cells as well.
This year, HRH Prince Feisal was welcomed again to speak in his capacity as Founder and Chairman of peace-building NGO, Generations For Peace (GFP), due to the parallels between the values of the two organisations.
Savills completed a lease renewal and expansion for nonprofit organization The Innocence Project at GFP Real Estate's 40 Worth Street in Lower Manhattan.