GFP+Green Fluorescent Protein-Transgenic mice
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A population of GFP+ embryos can be detected as distinct from GFP- embryos and debris, which appear below the black bar.
The number of GFP+ embryos per worm was recorded, corrected for the average number of embryos found in each worm, and expressed as the log fold ratio over DMSO (mean percent [+ or -] SE; two-tailed Mann-Whitney U test, 95% CI, chosen over ANOVA with post-test correction to test for significant differences for each compound over DMSO because of high differences in sample variance).
(A) Overlay of bright field and fluorescence images of a Pxol-1::GFP, him-8 worm with two embryos; the GFP+ embryo is clearly distinguishable from the GFP- embryo next to it (bar = 100 [micro]m).
Therefore, to further determine whether CKL- cells have the potential to differentiate into multiple lineages depending on environmental cues or are a mixture of cells with monolineage differentiation potential toward OECs or MSCs, single GFP+ CKL- cells were cultured on OEC- or MSC-conditioned medium (Figures 4(a) and 4(c)).
(c) GFP+ CKL- cells were cocultured with OECs or MSCs.