GFPPGlass-Filled Polypropylene (building material)
GFPPGuild for Professional Pharmacists (Woodland Hills, CA)
GFPPGlobal Forest Policy Project (est. 1992)
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In this study, the plastication process of long GFPP was observed through a visualization cylinder and the influence of different screw compression ratios was clarified at the same channel depth of the metering zone.
For the extensional case, [(4 [[II.sub.D]).sup.(1/2)] then is approximated by [square root of]6[member of] The Trouton ratio plot indicates the distinct differences between the PP and GFPP. The ratio for the PP is smaller; especially at low deformation rate.
The GFPP displayed less viscoelastic character in that the relaxation time constants are generally shorter than for the PP.
The GFPP results indicate more pronounced extensional effects.
This approach works with both transparent (in the case of PP) and opaque (in the case of GFPP) molding compounds.
15 for GFPP. Actual and predicted fronts do not correspond to the same filling times.
The principal purpose for comparing among PP and GFPP results was to illustrate the distinct differences among their kinematics in molds and therefore the need for different models for their behaviors.
It is interesting to note that the analysis for GFPP gave better agreement between the calculated and the measured residual stress distributions for exposed bars even though the chosen [Delta][f.sub.c] profile was not confirmed by measurement.
PP-A 72 150 210 215 30 8 20 PP-B 72 150 210 215 30 8 10 PS 171 215 215 180 40 8 8 GFPP 108 200 230 190 40 8 10
Earlier studies showed that residual stresses in PP decay significantly over an extended period at room temperature and decay to a lesser extent in GFPP (5.