GFPSGrand Forks Public Schools (Grand Forks, ND)
GFPSGreat Falls Public Schools (Great Falls, MT)
GFPSGrinnell Fire Protection Systems, Inc.
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"We recommended that Management complies with the pertinent provisions of RA 9710 on the creation of the GFPS and formulation of the agency-wide GPB with a budget of at least five percent of the HREP's total appropriations, as provided for in Section 30 of the General Provisions of RA 10964," said the COA.
The House, on the other hand, failure to create a GFPS, which is mandated under RA 9710.
Foerster resonance energy transfer: GFPs. green fluorescent proteins: PALM, photoactivated localization microscopy; QE.
GFP expression was normalized by [beta]-actin at each time point to monitor the NANOG promoters activity during differentiation into either adipocyte or neuronal lineages.
The GFPs in each department at national and provincial level were required to ensure that departments comply with gender mainstreaming requirements in their policies and programmes.
A familia das GFPs tem profundo impacto na versatilidade das tecnicas disponiveis para a biologia molecular, inclusive para o estudo de doencas como o cancer, problemas de desenvolvimento, defeitos geneticos e contaminacoes virais (HARTING et al., 2008).
elegans, green fluorescent protein (GFP) and its genetic derivatives have been essential tools for cell biologists and other biomedical researchers.
Badoy, also chair of PCOO's Gender and Development Focal Point System (GFPS) Executive Committee, also urged everyone in the agency to be mindful when dealing with gender-sensitive issues.
Glass-fiber posts (GFPs) are used in restorations as an alternative to cast metal post-and-core systems.
Green fluorescent proteins (GFPs) are well known for their intensive use in cellular and molecular biology in applications that take advantage of the GFPs self-folding and built-in fluorophore characteristics as biomarker.
Gas-filled panels, or GFPs, use thin polymer films and low-conductivity gas to create a lightweight material with thermal insulation properties.