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GFRGlomerular Filtration Rate (renal system)
GFRGeneral Financial Rules (various organizations)
GFRGas-Cooled Fast Reactor (nuclear reactor)
GFRGrand Funk Railroad (band)
GFRGrowth Factor Receptor
GFRGlobal Formula Racing
GFRGuaranteed Frame Rate
GFRGlass Fiber Reinforced (molded plastics)
GFRGainesville Fire Rescue (Gainesville, Florida)
GFRGrim File Reaper
GFRGreat American Financial Resources, Inc.
GFRGefreiter (German)
GFRGesellschaft für Regelungstechnik und Energieeinsparung mbH
GFRGeneric Fill Rate (Medicaid prescriptions)
GFRGeneric Fill Rate (medications)
GFRGround Fault Relay
GFRGovernment Flight Representative
GFRGroupe Fonciere des Régions (French)
GFRGesellschaft für Resourcenschutz (German: Society for Resource Protection)
GFRGovernment Furnished Representative
GFRGas Facility Reporting
GFRGround and Flight Risk
GFRGap Filler Radar
GFRGrain Filling Rate
GFRGeneral Functional Requirements
GFRGeneral Flight Rules
GFRGeophysical Field Report (Canada)
GFRGerman Family Rockers (gaming clan)
GFRGas Filled Rectifier
GFRGraduate French Program
GFRGay for Real
GFRGrunting, Flaring and Retracting (infant respiration)
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Under the terms of the MOU, Afri-Can will provide products including cannabis oils and ingredients; GFR Pharma will provide services including importation, storage and selling of the cannabis oil products and ingredients in the various markets when legal to do so.
The accurate measurement of GFR is important in clinical practice in establishing diagnosis of acute and chronic renal damage, for adjustment of drug doses, in intensive care settings as well as in outpatient follow up and in organ transplantation.
The aim of our study was to compare the various equations for the estimation of GFR in different stages of diabetic kidney disease according to degree of albuminuria and to find the equation that identifies maximum number of patients with renal dysfunction in the early stage of normoalbuminuria.
The downsides of using GFRs, he added, include the fact that they are mostly validated in younger patients with kidney disease, they rely on the assumption that demographic characteristics alone can define muscle mass, they were only developed in whites and blacks, and estimated GFR can be interpreted only as "suggested GFR.
8) The KDIGO-recommended guidelines for cystatin C testing include measuring the protein in adults with GFR between 45 and 59 to confirm CKD in the absence of other markers for kidney damage.
To test the use of this revised method of estimating GFR, the researchers focused on the precision of chemotherapy dosing, specifically dosing of carboplatin, which is used to treat multiple cancers, such as lung cancer, germ cell tumours, ovarian cancer, and breast cancer.
Today, GFR is considered not only in kidney damage situations, but also as a risk factor for adverse outcomes in patients with cardiovascular diseases (CVD) and without them.
The efficacy signal observed with respect to preservation or improvement in GFR is exciting, especially given that this trial was not powered to show statistical significance," said lead author David Packham of the University of Melbourne.
2 mg/dL and GFR was significantly lower as well as suggestive of poor prognosis of DN.
To parameterize the relationship between GFR and birth weight, we performed a metaanalysis of three studies where individual-specific paired GFR and birth weight measurements were available in the publication or made available to us (Dunlop 1981; Gibson 1973; Morken et al.
A less strong consensus emerged that it would be premature to change the current definition of CKD based on levels of GFR or presence of kidney damage.
The GFR used to be estimated by CrCl in 24-h urine but this is a time-consuming and imprecise method.