GFRCGlass Fiber Reinforced Concrete
GFRCGlass Fiber Reinforced Composite
GFRCGoddard Flight Research Center (US NASA)
GFRCGround and Flight Risk Clause
GFRCGlobal Frontier Resource Consulting (est. 2002; Edison, NJ)
GFRCGround Forces Reinforcement Center (WWII US Army base in France)
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Caption: Willis Construction created scrolling concrete ornamental pieces for the Latter-day Saints Tijuana Temple by producing foam molds using a CNC router, and then spraying the molds with GFRC.
OneSumX allows financial organisations to address a single risk or business issue, but in the context of a much larger and holistic way of managing GFRC, the firm said.
Considering the advantages of SCC and GFRC an attempt has been made to combine these two and to produce Glass Fibre Reinforced Self Compacting Concrete (GFRSCC) and to investigate the properties of both SCC and GFRSCC in fresh and hardened states.
Arcom Control Systems Daniel Industries GFRC Shelters NEC America, Inc.
Commercial construction-grade Stabil GFRC exhibits greater flexural and impact strength than traditional concrete, and incorporates glass fibers with tensile strengths exceeding those of steel.
GFRC is 75% lighter than normal concrete and precast concrete, with the added bonus that complex shapes and texture can also be achieved, so architects do not have to compromise on the visualised aesthetic appearance of the finished product.
According to the GFRC Director Dr Nimir Elbashir, the centre has an opportunity to lead multi-disciplinary innovative research activities in natural gas exploration, production, treatment and processing to support Qatar, which happens to be the world's capital of natural gas as well as Texas, the energy leader worldwide.
Over 800 pieces of terracotta--complex fan arches, fluted spandrels, sills, jambs, lintels, ornate columns, and decorative urns--were disassembled and replaced with GFRC casts virtually identical to the originals.
There will be altogether 30 Meeting Rooms of different sizes and capacity and the complete structure of the Centre will be built with a mix of red stone and Dholpur white stone and GFRC.
In the production of GFRC (glass fibre reinforced concrete) panels, Mapei has carried out studies showing that Dynamon PC1100 and Mapeplast LA help reduce the weight and maximise the size of these panels, mainly because of the high early compressive strength achieved by Dynamon PC1100.