GFRSGloucestershire Fire and Rescue Service (UK)
GFRSGlobal Forest Rescue Station (Greenpeace)
GFRSGovernment Financial Reporting System
GFRSGround-Foot Reaction Forces (orthopaedics)
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Development of formula- based calculation of eGFR has offered approaches for converting serum creatinine value (with its limitations when reported alone) into GFR result (with its advantage in reflecting glomerular function status).
Direct measurements of glomerular filtration rate (GFR) are uncommonly performed on partial nephrectomy patients.
While the use of GFRs to stage the severity of chronic kidney disease (3) has become widespread practice, an accepted definition of glomerular hyperfiltration is still debated.
According to the "Generic Drug Usage Report," GFRs vary widely by state.
She and the National Kidney Foundation are making a big push to educate patients about glomerular filtration rate (GFR).
Subjects with this highest level of lifetime acetaminophen use were 2.2-fold more likely to have their GFR fall by 30% or more, compared with subjects who had used less than 100 g of acetaminophen in their lifetimes.
Table A-1 (in Appendix) shows that, on average, general fertility rates (GFR) and infant mortality rates (Inf.) are the highest in low-income countries.
These classifications, which are based on the increase in serum creatinine and decrease in the global filtration rate (GFR) and urine output, have been used to determine the time to start HD and to predict mortality in AKI.
None of the many equations for estimating GFR is accurate across the range of GFRs, especially at the lower end.
The group in which ART had been initiated immediately also had significantly lower CD4+ counts, GFRs and Hb concentrations and a significantly higher chance of having other OIs, using traditional medication prior to ART, and initiating ART as an inpatient.
Nally recalls that 20 years ago, diabetic patients with proteinuria and GFRs around 40 often progressed to dialysis and kidney transplants in two to three years.