GFSBGibraltar Federation of Small Businesses
GFSBGallup Federal Savings Bank (Gallup, NM)
GFSBGerminated-Fermented Soy-Breadfruit (seeds)
GFSBGlenthorne Farm Stream Bank (Nellysford, VA)
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This qualitative observation is of crucial importance for the theory of sleep/wakefulness because it suggests that at least two dimensions are necessary for an adequate assessment of GFSB transitions at the sleep onset.
Simple mathematical transformations of the macrostate variables then make it possible to construct dimensions of GFSB varieties corresponding to subjecti vely given dimensions of SCs.
And, according to the arguments presented above, the spatiotemporal dynamics of the brain's electrical activity should be assessed by means of few global quantitative descriptors that are capable of characterizing the variety of GFSBs on the topological or metrical level.
In addition, the descriptor of spatial complexity ([omega]) itself has proven to be a quite sensitive indicator of GFSBs "shifts" caused by psychotropic or nootropic drugs (Kondakor et al.
There is a lot more to do and, in this respect, I very much look forward to work with the Chamber, the GFSB and other stakeholders to start the very exciting work towards our Manifesto commitment to establish an incubator framework.