GFSCGuernsey Financial Services Commission
GFSCGlobal Facilitator Service Corps, Inc.
GFSCGeneva Forum on Social Change (est. 2009)
GFSCGlobal Forum Steering Committee
GFSCGuelph Figure Skating Club
GFSCGratiot Farmers Supply Company (Michigan)
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Yesterday the GFSC said it was looking to appoint a liquidator.
JULY 1 - Following a "detailed look" at the Hales case, the Law Society ask the GFSC for approval to refer it to the Crown Office.
In addition to Main State and GFSC, the network encompasses all 15 buildings at the Foreign Service Institute, Navy Hill, the International Chancery Center and the Beltsville, Md.
We will also therefore continue put our full weight behind organizations such as the GFSC," he added.
Davis, Executive Vice President & Chief Financial & Administrative Officer, who is also President and Chief Operating Officer of GFSC, and will be responsible for developing optimum financing structures for customers purchasing new and used aircraft.
The GFSC has membership of almost 100 organisations from all over the region and around the world, all of who share an interest in the enhancement of regional air safety.
Xapo have shared their expertise with us and the GFSC in the development of our DLT regime from its inception two years ago, and I am confident that they will continue to contribute to the development of Gibraltar as a centre of excellence in this exciting sector.
The consultation process indicated a strong preference from firms for the GFSC to be the Regulator for these proposed activities.
The GFSC has stated that it has reason to believe that it may have been significantly and consistently misled about Enterprises true financial position.
The most newly published figures from the GFSC show that the total value of deposits held by banks in Guernsey stood at Au77.
The agreement was inked by William Mason, director general of the GFSC, and Xiao Gang, chairman of the CSRC on November 18.
Earlier this year the GFSCs Innovate and Create Team undertook a review and concluded that third party business could be permitted within Gibraltar PCCs provided there are appropriate safeguards in place and applications would be reviewed on a case-by case-basis.