GFSNGay Football Supporters Network (UK)
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Directors also concurred that a more structured approach would help enhance transparency, predictability, and effectiveness of collaboration in an increasingly multi-layered GFSN, with the Fund at its center.
Jubilant boss Williams told the ECHO: "We are delighted to have won the GFSN Cup for a second time.
I would like to thank them for a great game played in the right spirit and the organisers of the GFSN for putting on a great event.
The relationship among all of them serves to determine the role of a well-developed regional layer in the GFSN.
He added: "Some of the teams in the league do play in local leagues as well as the GFSN league.
No other clubs in the GFSN or in any other football league have taken this approach to fundraising for their clubs.
financial instrument, designed for countries seeking to unlock financing from multiple sources and/or to demonstrate a commitment to a reform agenda, could enhance the effectiveness of the Funds toolkit, promote a more efficient allocation of global resources, and help improve coordination with regional financing arrangements and across different layers of the GFSN.
The GFSN is also a priority of the Group of 20 and will be discussed by ministers of finance and central bank governors in the upcoming High-Level Seminar on International Financial Architecture on March 31 in Paris.
But their ultimate goal is to join the GFSN, the national premier league for gay football clubs.
The aim is to have a Pride of Mersey team to face other national clubs in the GFSN National League.
The Gay Football Supporters Network, GFSN, has been up and running for 15 years, and the north west has now got social groups up and running.
uk or write to GFSN, C/O Central Station, 37 Wharfdale Road, London N1 9SE Currently the UK hold the International Team Cup and lead the world in gay football teams.