GFSRGlobal Financial Stability Report (International Monetary Fund)
GFSRGeneralized Feedback Shift Register (mathematics)
GFSRGlobal Food Security Response (USAID)
GFSRGeneral Functional System Requirement
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The military's GFSR recognizes and addresses many complications of female urination in a deployment environment, but findings from current literature suggest these problems continue to persist in military women deployed to OIF and OEF (Lowe & Ryan-Wenger, 2003; Nielsen et el.
The GFSR covers global financial markets and emerging developments in those markets.
The priorities identified in the GFSR were explicitly recognized in the G20 Communique at the Pittsburgh summit in September 2009.
It can have interest for parallel computers (Also see section on GFSR and Laggd-Fibonacci generators)
Marsaglia [65, 66] argues against the use of GFSR generators.
Tausworthe and GFSR generators use a similar technique with p = 2.
GFSR seeks to rapidly improve access to and production and distribution of staple foods.
INTRODUCTION The GFSR (Generalized Feedback Shift Register) algorithm for random number generation has recently attracted the attention of numerous researchers, particularly those in the field of large-scale computer simulation.
In this paper we apply this criterion to GFSR sequences and develop a new theoretical test for the randomness--that is, the k-distribution of GFSR sequences.